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The EHS field includes safety jobs, environmental jobs, and specialties. EHS Jobs are generally with consulting firms providing guidance to companies and government entities or with specific companies and/or agencies as resident specialists and experts in their respective fields. All provide regulatory guidance, program management, and remediation where needed. Explore major career options with detailed job descriptions including working conditions, training and advancement, employment opportunities, qualifications, certifications and licenses, job outlook, and earnings.

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Environmental services are needed to identify and evaluate environmental problems, such as inspecting sites for water contaminants, and offer solutions. Service providers, either in-house or through consulting firms, in this segment of the industry advise clients about controlling the emissions of environmental pollutants, cleaning up contaminated sites, establishing a recycling program, and complying with government environmental laws and regulations. A real estate developer, for example, might hire an environmental specialist or a consulting firm to help design and develop property without damaging natural habitats, such as wetlands. A manufacturing or utilities company might hire an environmental specialist or a consultant firm to assess whether the company is meeting government emissions standards, in order to avoid penalties before government regulators inspect the property in question. Finally, many government agencies hire environmental professionals and specialists or contract work out to environmental consulting firms to assess environmental contamination in a particular geographic area or to evaluate the costs and benefits of new regulations. Review the environmental job descriptions for detailed information for each career field.  

Occupational safety services provide services similar to those offered by government agencies and private businesses, identifying workplace safety hazards and ensuring that employers are in compliance with government worker safety regulations. Safety consulting firms or in-house specialists help plan a safe and healthy environment for workers, identify hazardous materials or systems that may cause illness or injury, assess safety risks associated with machinery, investigate accidents, and assess the likelihood of lawsuits resulting from safety code violations. For example, a manufacturing firm building a new plant may seek the advice of a safety consulting firm about how to build equipment and design the building layout in order to increase workplace safety and reduce human error. A restaurant may look to a safety consultant to develop occupational safety and health systems for employees, such as slip-resistant floors and shoes. Some safety consulting firms might specialize in a particular type of hazardous material, while others might specialize in a particular industry, such as construction, mining, manufacturing, health care, or food processing. As with environmental consulting firms, many government agencies contract out work to safety consulting firms for help with safety engineering, technical projects, and various kinds of assessment. Review the safety job descriptions for detailed information for each career field.   

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Federal government job opportunities

Many environmental and safety compliance job opportunities exist in the federal sector and the pay and benefits are exceptional. The average annual salary for all federal employees exceeds $67,000 and federal employment exceeds 2,800,000; 2% of the nation’s total work force. A million plus federal civil service jobs must be filled as baby boomers say so long to their federal careers. The average annual federal workers compensation, pay plus benefits, is $123,049 compared to $61,051for the private sector according to the United States Bureau of Economic Analysis. Student loan pay off, relocation, and cash incentives are now offered for hard to fill positions. Uncle Sam’s liberal benefit package far exceeds what the average private sector company offers including two weeks paid sick leave, up to 5 weeks vacation, 10 paid holidays, health insurance, and an exceptional retirement package with a fixed annuity!

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  • Health care occupations – There are many EHS concerns in the health care sector from the identification, training, and proper use of Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE) to the disposal of medical waste and everything in between. Many hospitals and research facilities hire EHS specialists and professionals.
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