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Green Transportation & Automotive Jobs

What are Green Automotive / Transportation Jobs?

Green jobs in the automotive industry can include both Hybrid and Electric vehicle production, sales, and repair.   Many of these positions a in a specialized field and can be considered environmentally friendly employment.  As the Hybrid and Electric car industry increases in growth, this will increase the need for these types of specialized positions listed below. Hybrid production, R&D, efficiency etc will be necessary as the industry gets more green and eco friendly.

Many other jobs in the transportation field can be considered environmentally friendly.   Bicycle repair and Bus Drivers allow less carbon emissions to the environment by the use of these types of transport.  Research the green transportation jobs listed below for great opportunities in the field


Green Job Listings and Occupations

Explore the occupational titles listed below.

  • Auto Machinist
  • Auto Sales
  • Bicycle Repair
  • BioFuels
  • Biofuels Production
  • Biofuels Technology
  • BioDiesel
  • Carbon Consultant
  • Electric Vehicle Electrician
  • Electric Vehicle Sales
  • Electric Vehicle R&D
  • Electric Motor Mechanic
  • Emissions Carbon
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Fuel Cell Engineers
  • Fuel Cell Technicians
  • Hybrid Auto Jobs
  • Hybrid Auto Mechanic
  • Hybrid Auto Sales
  • Hybrid Engineer
  • Hybrid R&D
  • Hybrid Technology
  • Locomotive Engineer
  • Logistics Engineers
  • Logistics Managers
  • Railroad Conductor

Listed below are several job sectors in where green jobs may exist for those looking for green employment.